Long time ago I was playing with the idea of making a mechanical centipede.


I was that time working with blender and I made a design, trying to show how it could be done.



What do you think about this? could it be something that I could try to make with Arduino?

I will upload some detailed images tomorrow.


UPDATE: (23/03/2015 4:03 am)


As I said, here they are some detailed images showing the mechanism that I had thought and a video with the detailed movement of one pair of legs.


This is the head with motor case giving the movement to the first pair of legs



This is a side view in which it is possible to see the offset in degrees between the axis of each pair of legs.

In the image it is 60 degrees (pi/3) but I am not sure if it will be the offset that I will use when I to work on it



Anf here it is a video with the movement of a pair of legs. As you can see the legs make a movement as the oars of a boat


The gears that I modeled are based on the mechanism for some louvers, here a descriptive image picked from google images.




In the next days I will try to begin with this project... though i dont call it "a project" yet