A new Arduino Gameboy called Arduboy. Nostalgia is fun, and nostalgic games are even more fun. Arduboy is a new and cheap ‘gameboy’ that allows you to play games old-school. (via Arduboy)

I can't believe I missed out on this cute little gameboy-ish system powered by Arduino, with a heaping dose of nostalgia along with it. The creator, Kevin Bates, is calling it an Arduboy and he quit his full time job over a year ago to develop this creation. He even moved to China to get the production line all set up and have his product in the making. Now, that is definitely commitment.


The Arduboy is the size of a credit card and has an 8 hour battery life, meaning that waiting for your friend to get out of the bathroom at Starbucks just got way more fun. The Arduboy is powered by Arduino, a black and white 1.3 inch OLED screen, and two piezo speakers. Basically, it has everything you need to game in vintage style.


It also had... a great price point, at $29. You can get one for $39 direct from them. The Kickstarter campaign ended with over $433,000 in funding. This is over 17x their original pledge goal.


arduboy games.JPG

Arduboy games from the community.


The Arduboy is also open source so you can code it to do whatever you’d like. Bates has also sent over 100 developer copies to ensure that there are at least 100 free and open source games available for the Arduboy by the time it gets to you. Some of the games include knock-offs of popular games like Oregon Trail, Flappy Bird, and Ardumon.


Bates told the peeps at Engadget that he eventually wants to sell the Arduboy for $10 and have it available for companies to brand and giveaway as conference swag. If that ever happens, I will attend way more conferences. 

If anything, I take away a little inspiration from the Arduboy. The creator took a simple design all the way, committed to the project, and won out in the end. It's time for everyone to do the same...


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