DIY-Thermocam - An open-source, do-it-yourself thermal imager




The DIY-Thermocam is a do-it-yourself, low-cost thermographic camera based upon the famous Teensy 3.2 mikrocontroller. It uses a long-wave infrared sensor from FLIR to provide high quality thermal images.


The aim of this project is to offer a cheap, open-source thermal plattform for private persons, educational institutes or small companies. There are various applications like finding heat leaks in the insulation of buildings including windows,  the analysis of electric components, as well as exploring at night.


The large firmware written in Arduino compatible C++ code can be used as it is or modified / extended to your own needs. That allows the DIY-Thermocam to be used as a versatile basis for various, different thermal applications.


For more information about the project, check out the website: