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Intelligent Buoy with LoRa

MKR WAN 1300: Intelligent Buoy with LoRa Logo

This is the landing page for my entry in the Build A Smarter World challenge featuring a prototype for a moored buoy that gathers environmental data and relays it to the TTN LoRaWAN network using Arduino MKR WAN 1300 LoRa boards.  Approximately weekly a new blog entry is published describing project progress and summarized on this landing page.  LoRa is well suited to the project due its low power and long range.  Thanks to element14 and Arduino for sponsoring the project by providing two Arduino MKR WAN 1300 boards and a MKR Relay Shield.



Project Concept

The prototype will be housed in a moored waterproof plastic box and powered by batteries.  If the prototype is successful then solar power, free floating, or even powered RC / autonomous navigation might be added.


A number of sensors are being evaluated for possible deployment in the prototype as shown in the conceptual drawing.  Some of them were evaluated in this Rohm Sensor-Shield RoadTest.  They were individually tested and evaluated with the MKR WAN 1300 and a breadboard first prior to inclusion in the prototype.

Testing Sensors on a Breadboard

A summary of the sensors and the major components is shown below.

Component Testing Table

Week 1: Making it Portable

In this update a new daughter board is created to allow field testing and the first tests are performed.

View down to the Ferry Dock


Detailed week by week posts along with other interesting links are given below.  Stay tuned for updates and additional detail.  Comments, corrections, and ideas are always welcome!


Week 1: Making it Portable

Join the Challengers: Build a Smarter World: Build an Arduino MKR WAN 1300 Project for an Arduino Engineering Kit!

Rohm SensorShield-EVK-003 (Arduino Compatible) - Review