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This is my model of a food waste composting machine. In Arduino Day, it is my pleasure to share a possible machine we can build with arduino to help turn food waste

into useful byproducts -> fertilizer. each day, huge quantity of food waste is produced


In the actual setup (look at video at appendix below), there is a food shredder that shred food waste into slice. the slice is put into the drum

The drum is controlled to rotate according to schedule, so as to provide sufficient air surface to the micro organism performing aerobic food waste composting

it takes 6 days to reduce the food waste into fertilizer. Temperature sensor is used to measure the operation to make sure food composting is take place.

in normal operation, temperature will gradually rise to 60 degree celcius before tapering off.



It has a motor with gear that i salvage from toy car. the rotating drum is and all the structures are wood.

a motor drive is connected to the arduino yun.

Arduino yun is provided connectivity to a cloud Iot agreegator. it keep track of motor on/off and temperature

I use TMP102

below is the screenshot of the data uploaded to cloud aggregator

right now i do face a problem. the arduino yun has since disappear as a com port device from my pc and i can't program it anymore

i still finding way to troubleshoot this. from online seems like this is a common problem with no solution.

Also, the Yun is dated and obsolete, and the new ones are like Nano 33 BLE Sense featured on Arduino Day 2020: NanoRama: We're Giving Away Different Nano Boards for Projects that Use Them!




this video is actual setup