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Black girl magic

Posted by kamogelommela Feb 12, 2021
Local teenager Kamogelo Mmela (16) says she has the innovative ideas for the 4th industrial revolution and some workers and philosopher's in the AI and computer science sector totally agree, unfortunately we could not share more on what exactly is Kamogelo Mmela's "innovative ideas", but she has mentioned that she would gladly like to be part and one day have 'shares' a Vodacom, this young girl has also mastered how to do C++ and very much  confident with her coding skills, 'she says'   ...

Arduino LightBox

Posted by feiticeir0 Feb 3, 2021
Hi all This is a project that I've build a time ago to have some ambient light in photos I've taken of some projects that I did to display in Arduino day in my town. Using 4 potentiometers you can change the LED color and brightness .     Materials needed Arduino - I've used a Micro Pro 4x 10k potentiometer 1x Adafruit Neopixel stick - or compatible 1x 18650 battery 1x 18650 battery holder Toggle Switch ON-OFF DC-DC Mini Step Up Power Module 1-5v to 5v boost converter   ...

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