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Arduino Projects

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I just finished a cool project with my new Cactus Micro rev2 (Arduino w/ ESP8266 WiFi built-in) and an OLED screen. My Internet of LEGO project is basically a collection of IoT, computer & electronics ideas brought to life, for my own personal amusement.


Check it out!

Train Schedule - IoL City Train Network.png

I've been working on this Arduino project for a while. Mostly mechanical issues, but finally got a solid solution for my LEGO train track switch. I am also using IoT style messaging to emulate a distributed network of "things". It's a little overkill for a single track switch, but it helps to understand the bigger picture with these types of technologies. I plan on integrating this with a train schedule API so I can send the train down a path based on real-world data. I also have an OLED display in the mail, so will be cool to show train times as well.



Train Track Switch – Servos, LEDs, PubNub and | Internet of Lego

train track switch - thumbnail.jpg



This Lego Weather Station is an exercise in IoT concepts using an Arduino (Cactus Micro Rev2) which has a built-in ESP8266 WiFi module. It then sends the sensor data using MQTT to a Mosca MQTT broker. A Node-RED client subscribes to the data feed, stores it into a MongoDB and then visualizes it with a Google Chart. The blog article is more about the journey than just the destination . This is one of many cool projects in the Internet of Lego city, which examines all sorts of interesting embedded, NodeJS and IoT concepts using Lego.  Full Story: Weather Station – DHT11, MQTT, Node-RED, Google Chart, Oh My! | Internet of Lego