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Arduino Projects

2 Posts authored by: dragonboliero
Hello,   Today I would like to share with you my second little project. Its an Arduino temperature logger which saves data on micro SD card and thanks to a short Python script it can also send data to Ubidots IOT application. The circuit itself is very simple, in order to complete it all you need is:   11 - jumper wires 1 - 4.7K ohm resistor 1 - DS18B20 temperature sensor 1 - SD card reader 1 - Arduino UNO   Here's the circuit's schematic:   Here's a video showing ...
Hello everyone,   I'm new here so I'm going to introduce myself. I'm Wojtek and I come from Poland, currently I''m 25 y.o. and I'm just starting my journey with Arduino. In the future I would like to share with you my projects and I hope you can provide some insight and constructive criticism.   Ok, so now lets hop into the project itself. It's rather basic because for now I don't have that many parts (just Arduino board, diodes, some resistors, tact switches and photoresistors). The ...

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