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Arduino Projects

2 Posts authored by: ralphjy Top Member
For my Arduino Day 2021 Project I built a controller for my solar powered crawlspace vent fan.  I provided an overview of the project in a previous post - Arduino Day 2021 Project Intro .   The following documents my implementation.   Bill of Material:Product Name Manufacturer Quantity Arduino Nano 33 IoT Arduino 1 LM2596 Buck Converter Module 1 HW-803 5V Relay Module 1 BME280 Temperature Sensor Board 2 M5StickC Plus M5Stack 1 Raspberry Pi 4 2GB Raspberry Pi 1 SPDT Slide Sw ...
I thought I should provide a brief overview of my project that I'll submit for Arduino Day.  Tariq sent me an Arduino Nano 33 IoT to use in my project.  Thanks Tariq!  I was a bit surprised that it was shipped directly from Farnell in the UK, but I'm guessing there wasn't any US stock - probably a pandemic side effect....   A few years ago the Energy Trust of Oregon was offering incentives to install upgrades to reduce energy usage and I took the opportunity to add thermal r ...

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