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Arduino Projects

2 Posts authored by: sjmill01
INTRODUCTION At the end of every year, I try to do a project with hardware/software I had not explored before.  Having a little over 10 years of exploring microcontrollers, I came across something I never bumped into when researching my prior projects.  Searching element14, I found that there are very few posts on it despite it being the father of the Arduino IDE.  So, I thought I'd share as I see it as a major tool in the tool kit.   What I found was the language ecosystem ...
A bucket list item for me was getting a 3D video game published.  Although I have a ton of web apps in use where I have worked to eliminate paper forms and processes, its been since the 1990's that I published software globally.  But that was freely distributable on for the amiga and after 22 years has only received 1500 downloads.  The 2nd version - much improved - only got 89!  Ouch.   Amazingly, still exists and looks the same!  Here's a tri ...

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