After ‘Bluewraith’ designed his first electric dice project, he felt a need to design a better one. For his 20 sided dice he used an Arduino and a spare MAX7219 chip he had lying around. “Once I started hooking this one all up, I noticed that I may run into the same problem that I did with previous projects: My wire is way too big to be trying to route around and have it look nice. Once I got the socket for the MAX7219EWGMAX7219EWG soldered down, I knew I had to do something different with my wire. I wasn't going to have enough room to make the connections needed! A quick trip to RadioShack solved that problem. $25 later I have 3 colors of 30AWG wirewrap wire, and the tool to go along with it. It was already too late to do the project the proper way of using wirewrap, but I had an idea. Just use the wirewrap as normal wire and solder it down where I needed it. Since it is so small I can easily bundle a bunch of wire together and they take up hardly any space at all,” said Bluewraith. For the complete process he used to build his electronic dice please visit: http://bluewraith.blogspot.com/2011/01/electronic-dice.html

Though, I do question the true randomness of the results. Looks like it would be the "new hottness" for RPG players.