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This tutorial shows how to get started with the Arduino debug tools from Visual Micro.     The debug tool is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and Atmel Studio development systems which also provide 100% compatible Arduino programming, compile and upload.   Programming with a debugger has long been considered an important tool for every software developer. Arduino does not normally provide debug facilities, so this tool is, in some ways, breaking new gro ...


Posted by Lupo Sep 20, 2012
Nowadays everything is connected to Internet and everybody has its own laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone always connected. We are used to receive data and information from the WEB but not to send something coming from our "things" to internet; now we can do that: we can have the information we need available to everybody (if we want) and everywhere. In my opinion Arduino has revolutioned the way common people approach to electronics, automation and robotics giving a real opportunity to everybo ...
Goal: To write a program to transfer files to/from the netduino SD card to a PC. Background: After moving the SD card back and forth from my PC to the netduino, I ran into a problem where the PC claimed that the SD card was locked, but the netduino had no problem writing/reading to it.  This issue, along with the fact that transferring the SD card between the netduino and a PC is a pain, prompted me to write a small program that can transfer files over the network. Introduction: The program ...

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