This tutorial shows how to get started with the Arduino debug tools from Visual Micro.



The debug tool is integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio Professional and Atmel Studio development systems which also provide 100% compatible Arduino programming, compile and upload.


Programming with a debugger has long been considered an important tool for every software developer. Arduino does not normally provide debug facilities, so this tool is, in some ways, breaking new ground.


In this video we demonstrate how to add breakpoints that allow us to inspect expressions while an Arduino is running.


This video tutorial also demonstrates how to add conditions to breakpoints. Conditions are very useful when looking for exceptions to the "norm".


The tutorial also shows how to switch between normal Arduino compilation and debug compilation, how to compile and how to upload to any Arduino board.


The Arduino plugin for Visual Studio is free, the debug tool, which is in final beta, will be an optional low cost upgrade but is currently available for free to anyone who wants to try it. We expect this offer to end in December 2012. To obtain a free copy of the debug tool simply join the Visual Micro Forum and request to join the debug beta team. We currently have about 100 beta testers of various experience levels, the more the better!


The debug tools work with usb/serial which includes xbee.