Dear fellows,


I want to share with you some info about a neat steeper driver board we designed, for driving two or four stepper motors (by stacking two boards) using Arduino UNO (& friends). This neat shield can be used for making pan and tilt mechanisms for cameras, small CNCs, 3D printers you name it.

This shield has a free downloadable example software (INO) and a video to demonstrate some of the capabilities. The driver chip used is L6470 from ST Microelectronics, a complex motion controller and microstepping driver, which may be a little bit discouraging, but after understanding how it works, and with the help of software examples it all starts to make sense. Schematics and a datasheet are availble also for download

Please watch the video, feel free to ask questions and leave feedback (I apologize for the bad sound, it was raining....)



And the most important ....Have fun!

This shield can be sourced from or from - for 42 Eur (~ 35 Pounds Sterling)


Happy, prototyping