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This was a really quick project I've made recently, a simple 4 digit 7 segment common anode that displays the room temperature: you can find the code and schematics for free here: Also you can check the circuit in action : ...

Poor Man’s Oscilloscope

Posted by RuiPT Apr 7, 2013
Hi this is my blog post where you can find the code and everything for this project!   ...
Hai t iam using Xbee S2 connected to Arduino mega 2560 where i am facing problem in configuring Xbee as acoordinator;can you please provide me the connection layout and firmware you used in your configuration. when i am trying to configure using X-CTU it am getting unable to connect with modem:can you please help me how you configured the Xbee as coordinator. hai As per your suggestion i have tried cofiguring the xee node using Arduino mega 2560 by connecting rst to gnd. but i am getting t ...

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