Hi Friends,

I have been thinking of wireless nodes for a while now and came up with the cheapest ever fully sustained

Features,  wireless node :



---------- 2.4GHz (TransReciever) Radio (nRF24L01+ Radio)

---------------------- 32 Bytes of Payload

---------------------- Upto 2MBps Data Rate (~1.76 over AIR)

---------------------- CRC so Accurate

----------------------  ~100 Meters of Range

----------------------  Can connect upto 6 Motes talking to Base Mote parallely

----------------------  Capable of Tree / Star Topology for Network Forming

----------------------  Low Power [Approx 12mA in Rx Mode and ~20mA]


--------- MSP430G2553 MCU

---------------------- 16MHz, 16-Bit, 16KB Flash

---------------------- 2-Timers, and much more ..


Please tell me what do you guys think !!