Behold the Winners of the Arduino Anniversary "Give Me 10" Contest!


We are announcing 10 Arduino Uno winners, one for each day of the Contest.


It's easy to join the fun!


Here are the winners:


1) March 24th: Saudin Dizdarevic suggests "An Arduino Gmail Notifier with servo controlled flag indicator"


2) March 25th: sam clemmons suggests "RFID Doggie door with in/out indicator and time lock"


3) March 26th: hunt333r suggests "robotic arm, that copy human arm movement, saves it ,wireless"


4) March 27th: ralphjy suggests "arduino based and android based path finding mobile robot"


5) March 28th: zatamite suggests "Talking plants: Arduino+SpeakJet+Moisture Sensor. "Hey Bud Water Me"


6) March 31st: himanshu2590 suggests "Arduino Controlled Ambilight for TVs for better movie experience"


7) April 1st: danielmcgraw suggests "Low cost Arduino analyzer using DDS and ADC"


8) April 2nd: sandeepdwivedi suggests "arduino as universal chip programmer"


9) April 3rd: neeraj2604 suggests "accelerometer based gesture controlled wheelchair for physically handicapped"


10) April alfredbrock suggests "control motion sensors for cameras monitoring empty real estate"