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My project for the Internet of Holoday lights was based around our living room which was not very livable. It was a mess and with the upcoming holidays I wanted to set the living room in such a way that it would be suitable for entertaining guests. Additionally I wanted to accomplish the above mentioned in such a way that the holiday lighting becomes part of the living room and I don't need to remove it after the holidays. Hence the concept of Dynamic Living-room Lighting.


In the previous posts, I have review the YUN and the infineon shield and have presented an overview of the project system.


For this post, I explain how I setup the living room stage from scratch.


What was


The image below show what the living room looked like when I had applied for the roadtest plus. It had a lot of work to be done and we were missing some bits and pieces. I had planned it but executing the plan was a lot harder than I thought.


2014-12-04 16.36.42.jpg


And so be begin


As you can see there are a lot of unwanted elements that would not be very 'welcoming' and hence the first thing was to dispose of the additional bit. The wooden TV stand and messy corner needs to be cleaned hence I started by removing everything.



The wall seems pretty dull and gloomy and the whole thing wont work with just lights. We need a better setting so I went out to look for something to make things better. I found PVC sheets that can be used for the wall and I could fit them pretty easily. No paint or anything necessary hence me and my wife took a day out to set them up. We also bought a tree and I order a wooden wall mounting rack which I setup on the wall. My better half decided to demonstrate her skills with Styrofoam and cardboard to fabricate a fireplace.



The result was mocked up in the cold of the night as...




It looks better but we want it to be a lot better. My wife put some thought into it and...

IMG_9194.jpg IMG_9210.jpg




We setup everything but the christmas tree was a bit empty. I bought some decorations and we made some our own as well. Since we are minion themed hence it seemed fit to make our minion ornaments.







The minions ornaments were made by hand my my wife as seen in the above image and the final result is...







With that the stage is set and ready for the electronics side... In the next post I will detail the making of the electronics for the tree.




Documentation is taking a lot more time than I thought but I will try and document as much as possible so that you can setup things at your end as well.