I have some new toys to add to my arsenal of kit! Along with a Pi camera I received two nice little additions to my box of bits. I now have a Ethernet shield and a Yun. Not sure how to pronounce Yun; should it be similar to gun? Or maybe similar to spoon. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?


Anyway, here are my new babies!


I was surprised to find the comment that the ethernet shield is no longer manufactured on the packing list. Grab them while you can guys! The ethernet shield has storage capability with the micro sd slot which can be used to serve files on the network that your mega or uno is connecting to. The Yun also has a micro sd slot that performs the same function but It has wifi capability too. In fact, when you turn it on, the instructions say to connect via wireless to the new network that is now being broadcast. Sweet!

yun rear.jpg

This is the rear of the Yun, the sd slot is on the left; I am soooooo looking forward to using this baby, I have so many ideas for something that bridges Linux and Arduino.

ethernet rear.jpg


The Yun is a neat bit of kit, matching Arduino magic with a linux operating system, albeit a tiny system, OpenWRT


On the Arduino site there is an excellent page with some info on, have a look at Arduino - ArduinoYun I reckon that once you read this you will realise you need one! Yun on element14 can be found here: Yun



On a side note, I am looking forward to the Tre being widely available. How can anything with a background that  "is partially the result of a close collaboration between Arduino and the BeagleBoard.org foundation." (Arduino - ArduinoBoardTre) not be a lovely bit of kit?