Many thanks to all who participated in the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus.  In a little over 6 weeks, 112 fascinating, interesting and challenging blog posts were created and we got to see a glimpse of the future of Holiday Lights applications.
It hasn't been easy to select a winner.  Indeed, it was so problematic that we have picked two grand prize recipients.
Grand Prize Winner #1: Peter Oakes
Peter Oakes' BYOB Party was an inspiration to others, and indeed a lot of other competitors cited his work in their builds.  It is our pleasure to follow up his coterie of Holiday Lights Party-goers with a Robox 3D printer.
Grand Prize Winner #2: Inderpreet Singh
Inderpreet Singh has turned his living room into a permanent holiday lights display, complete with dancing minions.  Such dedication and single-mindedness deserves recognition with the 3D printer.
And finally...
Thank you to all our participants. Those who finished their projects will receive a copy of The Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún by Marco Schwarz.  I encourage everyone who found this challenge intriguing and exciting to participate in our now enrolling Enchanted Objects IoT Challenge.