Hi All

As you all know it is International Arduino Day on the 28th of March, only 11 days away. I expect some of you are attending or running events. A few of us, including pizak , who are working on various levels or education are running an event at the University of Portsmouth, Hampshire on the south coast of the UK, (not the one in the US, New Hampshire I think. I don't know, people leave England and then use the same names for so many places.... )

Anyway, I asked element14 if they were able to help us out with some gear for those people who want to come along and try out our beloved Arduino and they have been extremely helpful. We have 3 Arduino Starter Kits on the way!!! Arduino Starter Kit - Premier Farnell So, anyone who lives locally and wants to come along please look at our Eventbrite page and book your tickets! Arduino Day 2015: Portsmouth- Eventbrite


We are hoping to turn this into a regular event, although we are not sure of the name of the group that we are going to start to run these events. We want to be able to have people along who not only use Arduino but we will be opening up to all single board computers. I know that there are many people who, like me, use various Arduino boards, Beaglebone and RaspPi to do their work and I think we want to bring them in too, at a later date so they can help spread the word about how much fun can be had with a tiny computer, a few LEDs, a handful of wires, a motor and a bunch of friends!


We are going to be blogging throughout the day with info on the sort of things people are coming up with so look for updates!