Hello, my name is Brandon Gilligan. I work for the website RFInspireD, which is a data collection database. Commonly used for RFID or barcodes, It can be used for lot's of different data collection including the weather. I did this project to show off what our website is capable of and I plan on having more projects to write about here soon. This was my first Arduino project and I had a blast with it. Really easy to set up and figure out, and you get quick results making it a really good project for beginners or weather enthusiasts. For the project I used SparkFun shields, sensors, and their own RedBoard. The RedBoard can be compared to an Arduino Uno and is programmed the same way. I would love some feedback or comments on my project. I am always looking to improve! You can read my full article at the home page of our website which I will provide a link for below. Thanks everyone!