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Arduino - Oak and WeMos

Posted by ntewinkel Top Member Jan 25, 2016
I received my Digistump Oak a few days ago. Picture is shown with an AA battery for size.  They included a pretty sticker and post card. Maybe that's to make it look like I actually received something, because that Oak is tiny!   The idea is that I should be able to use it just like a small Arduino, with WiFi. They are still working on the firmware, so from what I can tell I can’t actually use it yet for anything ( - click through to their Kickstarter cam ...
In my previous post, I showed how to control a few LEDs using an Arduino board and BitVoicer Server. In this post, I am going to make things a little more complicated. I am also going to synthesize speech using the Arduino DUE digital-to-analog converter (DAC). If you do not have an Arduino DUE, you can use other Arduino boards, but you will need an external DAC and some additional code to operate the DAC (the BVSSpeaker library will not help you with that).   In the video below, you can ...

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