ST and Arduino have collaborated to give birth to the 1st of the kind Arduino board based on a powerful 32-bits ARM Cortex-M ST MCU!


STAR Otto is embedding STM32 F469, delivering high performance graphic features, coming with TFT touch display, wireless link, MicroSD, USB OTG, camera and with audio connectivity.

The very first product of the STAR program (ST & Arduino) will be demonstrated at Maker Faire San Mateo,  May 20-22.

In addition to the STAR Otto Mcu baseboard, the cooperation aims to deliver a range of Arduino shields expanding the functional possibilities. DSI-display, NFC reader, Sensor shields are in the plans. Several STM32 Nucleo boards and SW libraries have already been ported to the Arduino IDE.


for more details please check www.st.com and www.arduino.org



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