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QCoo  is the world’s first high-tech gadget that puts classical games into 3D space and merges new tech with old game, using Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable game solution (6oz) that lightens your day. No bigger than a 3 x 3 magic cube you pack in your pocket, QCoo provides more fun than you can imagine: Snake, Q Run inspired by Temple Run, AR (Augmented Reality) Game Q Tower inspired by TowerBloxx, and offers LED effect & LED dice.


QCoo is developed by a bunch of young people who love DIY, creativity, and cool things. We think it’s sharing that keeps us improving. Hence we’d love to offer a developer’s version of QCoo which comes with a USB interface that can be connected to your PC, MAC or Linux Computer. Then you can program QCoo, add a new game, improve current one, or even change it completely.


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