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Are you a student? Here is how you can win up to 1000 USD -   1) Show off your cool projects in which you used Simulink by creating a video which explains how you used Simulink. 2) Visit this page and use the appropriate hashtag while uploading your video to YouTube and complete the entry form on it.   And as always please share your projects with e14 community and earn the respect of your peers here as well.    For more details and the challenge rules please visit th ...
Hi!   Does anyone has any experience with current transformer with arduino? I just bought a split core current transformer (SCT-0400-025) from Magnelab and I want to connect to arduino. According to the datasheet, the input current is 25A and output voltage will be 0.333V. Should i connect any burden resistor? & how should i go about doing it?   Please help!   Thank you~ ...


Posted by clickluna Oct 12, 2016
Hello, I'm new here, I'm Brazilian, I studied computer programming and love sharing knowledge about arduino projects.   ...

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