We all have little kids in our homes and every parent want to make sure that their kids are safe whenever they go outside of their homes. At the same time we also have little kids in our homes or around us how are special or little enough so they cant remember home address or their way back to home if they accidentally leave home and go little far away. And its very tough situations for parents if they cant find their little/special(mentally unstable etc) kids. Also if kids are in any sort of bad situation every parent want to help them but if they don't have any means to call for help or they don't have cell phone or unable to use it then there is no way to help/protect them.



To solve such issues long range of LORA module come into play. Design and built a smart watch using Arduino MKR 1300 equipped with GPS for the kids. And Other MKR module at home connected with display and alarm. Also internet connectivity is a plus point. Parent can set a Geo fence for the kids so whenever they go beyond that area it can alert the parents with there live Geo location. Also kids can alert their parent about any emergency/dangerous situation by simply pushing a button. Biggest advantage of using MKR module over GSM based is cost effectiveness and low power consumption. To built a Smart community we can also add multiple control modules at different public places and connect all these to one main server. In case of emergency MKR can connect to any of the available control module and alert their parent or law enforcement for timely action and to take preventive measures.



  • Arduino MKR1300
  • Relay board
  • Display
  • GPS module


I haven't used Arduino MKR 1300 or any LORA module. But did a little research about its range and find out its 10KM+ in open line of sight but in real life application we don't have clear line of sight between 2 modules. So according to Murata forum its tested for upto 7KM and it worked fine. (not sure about the antenna + power amplification they used) 7KM is enough range to monitor little/special kids if they go outside or forget there way back to home. And by building a community to MKR modules range can be extended. Each home module will be connected to main server through internet. So information can be transferred between any 2 nodes.


Another possible application is building a mesh network of multiple MKR1300 based smart watches for ski resort/hiking etc so it will be easier to find out anyone who is missing during landslide/avalanche.


All the project details can be found here: tinyMonster - Smart watch for kids with SOS and RT Tracker