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The Bridge Troll

Posted by fmilburn Top Member Oct 29, 2019
Introduction   The first project I posted on element14, and one of the first electronics projects I did after retirement were Halloween themed.  In fact, the avatar I use is based on a Halloween airplane costume I made for my grandson about 5 years ago.  The early creations were based on my own ideas but these days I get a lot more input from my customers (grandchildren) as well as their representative (my daughter).     For the last few years their representative ha ...

Halloween bathroom prank

Posted by natat_t Oct 29, 2019
I hosted a Halloween party last Saturday and I placed this simple prank in the bathroom. I used stuff I had at home, I mean at home we have boards, wires, tools, it is more like a small maker space. I wanted the prank to involve sound and lights but I wasn't sure what would be a good trigger, I thought a PIR sensor would work but I didn't want it to be activated that often, so Abraham had one of those magnetic sensors used for alarms and then I thought the bathroom door would be a good placement ...

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