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I got my Nano Iot 33 yesterday and start working on it today 21 March 2019, on the Arduino Day itself



fridge wizard

Fridge Wizard's features


- monitor air quality of the fridge (it can be the many fridges in supermarket or your home fridge)

-the sensor itself can detect gas associated with freshness of the food items. It helps storekeeper to keep track

of freshness of their store items.

-keep track and provide alarm of fridge failure

-notification of fridge door not closed

-the IMU of the Nano 33 IoT is able to detect when the fridge door is open, and count the number of times of such opening with associated of operating hour.



Arduino Nano IoT 33

Renesas ZMOD4450 sensor board


Other parts used

Arduino MKR 1000 >> for comparison testing only


Setup Part 1

Updating firmware of MKR1000

since i do have MKR1000, i try the steps below on MKR1000 first

According to , we need to update the firmware

i have MKR1000, hence i try to update it first

first, download the library wifi101

then load the sketch

once successful, the port number may reenumerate

then, update using the wifinina

we make sure the board is working by running an example sketch

-ConnectWithWPA under Wifi101

in my attempt, it can't connect to 5GHz wifi. it only connect to 2.4GHz type


Setup Part 2

Now, we setup the Nano IoT 33

testing the same example sketch ConnectWithWPA under WiFiNina


similar to MKR1000, it can only connect to 2.4GHz type of WiFi



Misc Libraries Setup


during updating library, i saw this Scheduler . i decide to install it and keep for future reference

i also most likely need Arduino_LSM6DS3 to detect the accelerometer


Summary of #1 of Fridge Wizard Blog

is able to use the Nano 33 IoT to connect to home wifi network. However, only 2.4GHz wifi can be connected to. 5.0GHz is not connectable



[1] ZMOD4450

[2] MoX sensor

[3] Arduino Nano 33 IoT