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In 2020, we celebrated the launch of the new Arduino Nano Boards including the Nano Every, the Nano 33 IoT, the Nano 33 BLE, and Nano 33 BLE Sense (Arduino Day 2020: NanoRama: We're Giving Away Different Nano Boards for Projects that Use Them! )  we also had a poll to see which Nano board you wanted to use in your Arduino Day Project (Arduino Day 2020: NanoRama: Which Board Are You Going to Use for Your Arduino Day Project? ), we launched a quiz (Arduino Fundamentals: Part I: Quiz ) and right before Arduino Day we opened up a NanoRama space where you could win cool Arduino Nano related prizes (Project14 | The Birthday Special: A NanoRama Open Arduino Competition! ).   Shortly before Arduino Day happened,  the lockdown happened as the reality of the pandemic became real for everyone.  Within 3 days of the lockdown we launched Fighting Germs and also opened up the NanoRama competition to projects that addressed what was going on with the pandemic.


Arduino Day 2020: Saturday March 21st




Arduino is celebrating its 15th Birthday on March 21st, 2020!  We'll be sending out 25 Nano Boards (5 different Flavors) for project proposals that use them!Project14 will celebrate its 3rd Birthday with a NanoRama Celebration that begins the day before Arduino Day!  Help us celebrate by submitting an Arduino Project as a Birthday Present!Winners Announcement will be on Geek Pride Day on May 25th 2020.  It also happens to be the anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars movie.  A New Hope was released on May 25th, 1977!




NanoRama: Notable Projects
DMX diagnostic tool - Getting started  by  genebrenDMX diagnostic tool - Sending and Receiving Data
DMX diagnostics tool - Hardware, Software and Mechanical updatesDMX diagnostics tool - And the wheels come off the bus!
DMX diagnostics tool - And the wheels come off the bus!DMX diagnostics tool - running out of time







NanoRama: Notable Projects
TinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - Gesture Recognition by  jomoenginerTinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - Fruit Identification
BLE on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - BlueZ ConnectBLE on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - Flask Remote Control
TinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - Person Detection with BLEHappy Birthday Arduino - 2020



Month of Robots: Notable Projects
Nano Rocket #1 : Hand Thrown with TTL Serial Communications  by dubbieNano Rocket #2 : An Accelerating Truck
Nano Rocket #3 : Making Sense of the Acceleration DataLEDGrid Display #1 : First Working Display
LEDGrid Display # 2 : The Laser Activated DisplayNanoramaBot #1 : 1Dimension Ultrasonic Robot
Social Distancing while Team Building with Arduino Nano 33 IoT  by sjmill01...Yet Another Sound Maker: Final Build  by ankur608
IR Remote Control-Line Follower Arduino Nano Star Trek Robot by robogary #NanoRamaCH  Перебудова програвача винилових дисків Radiotechnika-EP-001 by vmg_1961
1D Pong Game on 3D illusion table by ashish_8282Focus Laser using Micro-LIDAR by ralphjy
Using VL6180X with AveragingTOF Sensor mounted on Laser
Adding Z Align (Laser Focus) Button to LaserGRBLMicroView microLIDAR Schematic
Laser Focus Assembly CompletedArduino Hot Plate - What's for dinner? by wolfgangfriedrich
Arduino Hot Plate (2) - What's for dessert?Arduino Nano bot - using ultrasonic sensor   by carmelito
Arduino Nano bot - using RC controllerArduino Nano -- controlling things using a RC controllers - Servos
Nano function generator - Ep.1 by sataurNano-Sense ...the Night Sky by ankur608
NanoDrive your 7-segment display by luislabmoHatching a hockey stick hack in a hurry! by BigG
Cara-aduino by pajThe Nanodrone by balearicdynamics



NanoRama: Notable Projects
Simple NANO Battery Tester Prototype  by  jc2048Nanorama Project14: Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit by  ashutosh_pandey




Fighting Germs: Notable Projects
Non-Contact automatic Temperature checker by aspork42Social Distancing Reminder Hat by robogary
Pumping air in Covid lungs by cypresstwist 5% Chlorine solution disinfectant station
Outdoor Social Distance Alert by  ralphjy Social Distance Alert Initial Test
Social Distance Alert Sensor Completed AAAC (Almost Awake Alarm Clock) by dubbie



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Arduino Day 2020: Saturday March 21st


Arduino Day 2021: Arduino Day Workshop and Drone Competition!