For Arduino Day, belated, a few photos of a project I'm working on.

Arduino MKR 1310 LoRa with Ethernet shield and CAN-shield. In a DIN mounted housing and a LoRa range antenna.

It is going to be part of a light industrial test setup.


The housing is Arduino MKR DIN rail housing from e14 member hwhardsoft.


Arduino MKR 1310Arduino MKR 1310 for LoRa, with a MOLEX 105262MOLEX 105262 868/915 flex antenna.

Arduino MKR ETH shieldArduino MKR ETH shield

Arduino MKR CAN shieldArduino MKR CAN shield



This will be one of a few replaceable options.

I also have a TI CC1100 with a rod antenna, put in a smaller DIN housing, that can do sub-1 GHz duty,

an Avnet SmartEdge IIOTConnect that can do CAN, WiFi  and Ethernet,

and a DIN mounted Raspberry Pi that can do Ethernet, Wifi and can be paired with my home-made CAN driver,


Happy Arduino Day