Since December 2020, I've been dabbling in satellite communications.

I've successfully captured SSTV images, FM and APRS data from the International Space Station.

Most of this was accomplished using a handheld transceiver and portable Yagi antenna.

This is a Slow Scan TV image (SSTV) I captured.

Then I discovered the SatNOGS project.

"A global network of satellite ground stations, designed as an open source participatory project."

So, I am attempting to create my own ground station based on the SatNOGS project.

The wiki shows an antenna rotator designed with 3d printed gears.

I tried to 3d print the worm gear and failed badly.

I'm now using metal gears.

The elevation rotator is almost complete, and I will be using the Phoenix Contact enclosure I'm road testing for the controller.

The controller will be an Arduino of some sort, along with a stepper motor controller.

The PC based satellite tracking software sends elevation and azimuth targets to the Arduino, and it compares that data

to IMU sensor readings from the antenna, adjusting the antenna to point at the satellite.

Once the satellite is found, available telemetry and other data is downloaded, decoded, and uploaded to the network.


Stay tuned to this channel for updates as I proceed.................