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4 Posts authored by: 14rhb Top Member
                            Welcome to the final part of my sharethescare which follows on from my previous blogs, listed below. I hope you enjoy reading about the journey I've taken to make my animatronic pumpkin head and I'll be testing it it really has the ability to Share The Scare! Peter the Pumpkin Peter the Pumpkin - pt2 Peter the Pumpkin pt3 Peter the Pumpkin (part 5 - final thoughts)   [To mask the servo ...

Peter the Pumpkin pt3

Posted by 14rhb Top Member Oct 20, 2018
Following on from Peter the Pumpkin - pt2   Progressing the Eyes I've progressed over the week with the eyes Mk5 e.g. paper mache. However it did take several nights of adding additional layers before I considered them to be strong enough to break out of the silicone egg cup moulds....and then I added some more paper mache for good measure. I also coated the outside in thinned down wood filler, allowed to dry, sanded, repeated, primed, sanded, primed and then added a white gloss finish. I ...

Peter the Pumpkin - pt2

Posted by 14rhb Top Member Oct 14, 2018
The weekend has been spent trying to make Pete some eyes. I've never made animatronic eyes but have studied how makers often achieve them using servos and so I thought that would be my approach. This blog details my attempts to make some servo eyes.   Idea ONE - table tennis balls. They would be lightweight and could be illuminated. But they were also too small. I also realised at this point that they eye holes were not the same shape or size (and why would they be as Pete was made totally ...

Peter the Pumpkin

Posted by 14rhb Top Member Oct 11, 2018
A few years back I decided to make an artificial pumpkin to save on the carving, to have something that kept without rotting too early and more importantly to have a bigger one than the shops stock.   To achieve that I got a large refuse sack and filled it with old sheets and bound it with Sellotape to get the basic shape of a pumpkin, complete with the bulging lobes. It then got covered with layer after layer of newspaper and PVC glue. Some raised features got added around the mouth, eyes ...

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