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For all those who wanted to build an LED cube, this is your lucky day. Nick Schulze has posted the entire design on his website for all to enjoy. For you Arduino fanatics, guess what runs this project.


The light control is powered by Matlab. To be honest, this is one of the few time I have seen Matlab used in a project during my whole professional career. All code for Matlab is also on his site.


I have never found a definitive LED light cube design tutorial anywhere on the net. Schulze's page explains the concept in depth. Though, I still think the concept is not fully described as well as I would like. But if you build one from this project page, you will know.





Arduino units have been used for many purposes, however none as cool as what Ross Whehner did with one. Called ‘The Can Dispenser’, it uses a new ‘zigzag’ can housing that can hold a twelve pack that are held in place by a wooden lever and two clothespins. The elevator is powered by a system of pulleys and has a spring loaded trapdoor bottom that drops down to allow the can to roll into the white bucket at the end of the catapult arm. On the back of the fridge is where the electronics are housed including one Arduino, two bread boards, two PWM motor controllers, wiring for four motors, an IR receiver, and five touch sensors. All housed in a Tupperware container. Very nice job Ross! To see The Can Dispenser in action please play the video.


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