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It seems that after more than 1 year since the announcement, Arduino Due board is still  under development and it is possible to guess that the board will be revised in order to include further features not already implemented: this post on shows more details about that.



Posted by Lupo Sep 20, 2012

Nowadays everything is connected to Internet and everybody has its own laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone always connected. We are used to receive data and information from the WEB but not to send something coming from our "things" to internet; now we can do that: we can have the information we need available to everybody (if we want) and everywhere. In my opinion Arduino has revolutioned the way common people approach to electronics, automation and robotics giving a real opportunity to everybody to experiment, learn and enter the amazing world of Do It Yourself. There a lot of alternatives sometimes more powerful than Arduino which can be used in DIY applications, for example one of my preferred: MBED. It is possible to realize a simple weather station which is reacheable trough the web ( using Arduino or MBED or other alternatives, an internet connection, a WI-FI shield (e.g. and Cosm (known in the past as Pachube). Next I'll show you a solution which can be used to have your own DIY weather station.

Do you like to make by yourself your own Arduino's shield? It's very easy! Discover the way here:

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