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2 Posts authored by: alexev
The Internet of Holiday Lights (The Santa monitor & lights -  part-2)     Hello again folks and Mary Christmas to you all! In this part i'm going to speed up things a little bit and go to the second stage of the challenge and build the first objective - windows and aquarium/vibe lamp lights. So far i've tested and installed almost 5m of RGB strip with one Arduino UNO + one Infineon RGB shield with the Dave's examples on I2C protocol (with a bit of tweaking on the de ...
The Internet of Holiday Lights (The Santa monitor & lights -  part-1)               Hello there "Internet of Holiday Lights" road-testers, kids and enthusiasts! Though i wasn't quite able to make an instant blogging after i've first got the kits, hope it is not too late to start describing my whole idea for the "Internet of Holidays Lights" project now. This part will represent the general presentation of the produc ...

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