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This kit is a open project I have described in detail  on, available on

Just yesterday I have published the tutorial on the assembly instructions on for who is interested. Further details on



Enjoy this video prototype testing. It shows the Digital Potentiometer Lab Arduino Shield prototype demonstration.

The device shown in the video is the number zero prototype while a full description on how it works, features, schematics and circuits are on the article I have published on Electro Schematics This shield is based on AD5206 digital potentiometer.

A note on the content

The first part of the video shows how the shield works: it has been developed around the AD5206 device from Analog Devices but there are also 6 analog triggers (that can be excluded if needed) to test the digital potentiometer features and for testing purposes.

The second part of the video just show a very simple application: a second Arduino receives an analog input to control the PWM movement of a micro servo. See it in action. The PCB of this shield (or the fully assembled version) can be found on Tindie at production cost.


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