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     I was not expecting to soldier the headers on the Infineon shield. So I went out to buy a soldier kit. I even got helping hands with magnifying glass. But I realized that with no skills here I was fighting an uphill battle.Also finding the headers was not expected. I did manage to find a bag of them at frys for $2. Also picked up wire at 24 AWG with a stripper/cutter. After using it a while, I decided 18AWG is better since it had more tensile strength. I scavenged an old power supply having both 5V and 12V with a common GND. Since the plug was to something unique, I used the 18AWG wire with a doubled copper core. Here are the results.


First attempt:


     When I tried the first time using the helping hands, I discovered they held the board fine, but how to get headers in straight? So here is what happened:



     When I realized what happened, it was too late. Now I proceeded to learn to de-soldier. When out and bought a wick and a suction tool. Getting back discovered, suction tool with soldiering iron too hard. Tried the wick next and had some success removing soldier. But not enough to remove the header.


Second Attempt


     Late one night, I decided when all is quiet I can try again. This time I added a tool to hold iron(last time the stand was too hard to hold hot iron and I burned myself). Maybe better prepared means better results. See what I did now:




     Opps! I got so busy I forgot to get right side. Late at night not a good idea. So I conclude I should go to school and have enrolled in an embedded class for MCU's I figure I can find someone to help me work through these issues. Thanks for reading my trials and tribulations on this project. BTW, I will continue to completion even if the contest ends! LOL


PS. The sparkle ball got pushed back due to all the other upfront issues. In a later blog I will share how to build the mirror.



I finished the mirrors and here is a few pictures showing the early results:







     I am pleased with the results. I would be using the shield except I cannot soldier the headers on. After a few boo boo's, I have just one chance to get them right!

Wish me luck tonight.



Christmas Sparkle Ball




    With Christmas coming around the corner, our family likes to get together and make a project for fun and games. My sister did this a few years back and challenged me to improve on it. So here is out idea. Take some solo cups from the store. Add some LED's and computer know how to build the Sparkle Light Christmas Ball. This can get the young and the young in heart  working to make this project. Here is a picture of hers she built with the controller (Thanks for the pictures Mary):



Sister Lights.jpg                                                                                              Sister controller.jpg


The Plans


    So starting from my sisters build, I am going to use round balls and the Infineon shield to control the lights. This should allow me to control the colors and intensity/warmness of the lights. By connecting the shield through the Yun, remote control should be possible using a mobile phone/computer. I would like to add a mirror or two behind the lights with a sting of lights for effects using the Uno. I will construct it myself. 

Here is the 600 dollar retail version from Amazon:



    Of course what would Christmas be without a few ornaments? The plan is to build them from cups like these:

                                                      coloring cups.jpg

The Parts


    Enter my Santa's helpers. First to show is Donner Yun who loves to dance on clouds:



    The next is Vixen Uno who reads too much:


    And finally Dasher Infineon shield who strength carries everyone along :




Where do you come in?


I would like to propose that YOU get involved. Maybe you have done a project you like to share. At some point I will take all ideas added as comments and do a poll to see what the community thinks. So time for the eggnog and Christmas cookies. Let us enjoy the Christmas spirits of giving and thanks for the blessing we have. Also I would like to give a big thank you to Element 14, MCM, Arduino, and Infineon for providing the kits for this roadtest.

          Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas


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