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1 Post authored by: djadisan

Hellow guys, after watching tutorials and videos, about creating a new arduino coutdown with buttons, i found nothing so i can use, i am very new at this, all i want is a tutorial or something similar

i need something that has a button so players can hold for a amount of seconds so that they can wait to respawn.

At the same time i need it to have a screen with an amount of tickets left for the team, each player when respawn takes 1 ticket. 

Also need 2 buttons so we can increase/decrease  the amount of seconds to hold for player to respawn

and the numbers of tickets

Also need to have sound alarm ( pc speaker or same ) that sounds a alarm when tickets are down to 0



Button A - this is what players hold so that they can respawn ( hold for X amount of time ) Example : 5 secs hold - you can see a bar loading until you are alive again


Button 1 - increase time that players need to hold so that they can respawn / increase number of total tickets when u  are setting up  match


Button 2 - decrease time that players need to hold so that they can respawn / descrease number of total tickets when u are setting up match


Screen - when in menu setting the game  - select amount tickets  more/less  - select amount secconds so players have to hold so respawn / at the same time ticket needs to drop by 1 , each  respawn ( revive ) - select sound on/ off   - when tickets get to 0 , screen shows NO RESPAWN LEFT , GOOD LUCK  and reset to menu


Sound - Alarma sounds when number of tickets get to 0 for 5 seconds and off



Thank you very much hope this helps and someone that knows how to do or even point me out see this. THANK YOU AGAIN VERY MUCH

if you can point out to someone that hast these skills, i would like to chat with that person. Thank you

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