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Many thanks to all who participated in the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus.  In a little over 6 weeks, 112 fascinating, interesting and challenging blog posts were created and we got to see a glimpse of the future of Holiday Lights applications.
It hasn't been easy to select a winner.  Indeed, it was so problematic that we have picked two grand prize recipients.
Grand Prize Winner #1: Peter Oakes
Peter Oakes' BYOB Party was an inspiration to others, and indeed a lot of other competitors cited his work in their builds.  It is our pleasure to follow up his coterie of Holiday Lights Party-goers with a Robox 3D printer.
Grand Prize Winner #2: Inderpreet Singh
Inderpreet Singh has turned his living room into a permanent holiday lights display, complete with dancing minions.  Such dedication and single-mindedness deserves recognition with the 3D printer.
And finally...
Thank you to all our participants. Those who finished their projects will receive a copy of The Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún by Marco Schwarz.  I encourage everyone who found this challenge intriguing and exciting to participate in our now enrolling Enchanted Objects IoT Challenge.
Many thanks to all those who are participating in the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus: the projects have been inspiring as well as illuminating, and have unleashed a flood of creativity which hopefully will inspire great IoT projects in 2015.
The Minion of the New Year
Dancing Dave
Dancing Dave steps into the New Year with style...
It was a difficult decision, but we are pleased to award the Dancing Dave Minion to Jan Cumps, in recognition for his prolific and interesting blogs, in particular the final summary. Congratulations!
Reminder: final submissions are due January 23rd, only completed projects will qualify for the Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún book.  Please note - we also will consider standard RoadTest reviews of the products used in the final submissions. We will announce the winner of the 3D printer within seven days of completion.
Thank you and Happy New Year!
Hello and thank you to all the competitors in the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus. We are now offering a prize for Minion of the New Year, but first...
The Minion of the Holiday Rush
It has been an enormously tough decision to award our first Minion, but after careful consideration, we've given Jerry to Mohan Palanisamy, in particular for this outstanding use of IoT technology in holiday decorations. Many congratulations!
And now...Minion of the New Year:
To step into 2015 with style, we're offering Dancing Dave:
Dancing Dave
The competitor who produces the most informative, entertaining and content rich blog(s) between now and Friday, January 16, 2015 will receive him as a prize.  Hopefully his rhythm will add a salubrious beat to the start of the new year.
Any questions, as ever, please let me know. Happy Holidays!
"Minions" & Despicable Me © 2014 / 2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Good morning and thank you to all the competitors in the Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus; we are delighted that the Internet of Things and Holiday decorations are proving to be so well matched.
As we did with the Forget Me Not Challenge we hope to inspire even greater effort by offering an additional prize. Without further ado, meet Jerry -
Minion Jerry
The competitor who produces the most content-rich, inspiring and informative blog(s) between now and December 24th will receive a Jerry action figure to sit on their desk or workbench; hopefully his lullabys will help soothe after a hectic holiday period.
Not selected? Want to join in?
Many people have expressed interest in this particular RoadTest Plus: if you weren't selected, no problem, just purchase an Infineon LED shield, couple it to a suitable Arduino (we recommend the Yún) and the Eclipse IoT Platform and you’re in! Be sure to blog about your project on the Arduino area, and tag your posts with iot_holidaylights.
Any questions, as ever, please let me know.
"Minions" & Despicable Me © 2014 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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