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This blog documents some belated progress on my Star Trek themed Pi IoT design challenge entry. It is being put in the arduino area since that is where it is most useful. I wanted to make the subsystems useful and built well enough to work reliably in their target environment, so this sensor array is built using a custom PCB. The PCB did not arrive until well after the challenge was over, but it worked perfectly with no errors when I assembled it. The card features an arduino pro micro which ...
Tis The Season for Inventing, Tis the Season for Giving, Tis the Season for Arduinos This next video is a demo of the packaged version of one of the circuits shown in the above video. It had to wait until my Cel Robox 3D printer arrived so I could print the housing. There are more videos about it and the printer in my road test review here: Alright, in the spirit of the season here is some fun you can have with an arduino. Thi ...

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