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Holiday Lights

Posted by dragonstyne Top Member Dec 12, 2014

Greetings Everyone,


With Holiday season upon us and in celebration of the Element14

The Internet of Holiday Lights Road Test

I thought I would share my experience with using the Arduino Uno R3 in creating a holiday light display as well as adding the Infineon RGB Lighting Shield with XMC1202 for The Arduino to the mix.

First, Here is a display I did using an Arduino Uno Rev3 and GE G35 Christmas lights.


This is what we will start with and go from there.

Don't Get Me Started


There are a plethora of possibilities for control of LEDs.


The first thing to consider is what type of LEDs you wish to control:


Single fixed color LEDs

Single RGB multicolor LEDs

Tape or String of fixed color LEDs

Tape or String of multiple fixed color LED arrays

Tape or String of RGB multicolor LEDs

Finally, last but definitely not least, the individually addressable RGB Pixels (My display was constructed with these)


The type you choose will determine how they are controlled.


The second thing is how you want to control:






Pack Mule



The possibilities are literally endless. Each one has its own method and, in some cases, colorful language that is required for effective control.


I hope to be able to address these as we go along.



Here are my lights for 2014




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