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2 Posts authored by: electronichamsters
I'm still waiting on my LED lights, which is making me nervous.  Perhaps I shouldn't have ordered from eBay   So, in the mean time, I've been working on some automation stuff with lights (when I get them).  I've always wanted voice control, but something that is continuous, and does not require pushing buttons prior to the voice command.  I found out about how Tasker can send HTTP Post/Get commands to OpenHAB.  Tasker also has a plugin called Autovoice, which can run i ...
Thanks to Element 14 and the sponsors for the Internet of Holiday Lights contest.   While I'm waiting for my components to arrive, I'll lay out my plan.   Part 1:  Control of lights I'll be using MQTT to control the lights attached to the Arduino Yun.  The Yun will subscribe to a MQTT server on the Raspberry Pi.  Also sitting on the Pi is an installation of OpenHAB.  Using the OpenHAB mobile phone app, you can remotely select the color/pattern/on/off of your ho ...

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