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3 Posts authored by: ftruzzi
In the previous days I have built the code for all my clients (the light spots): they receive TCP commands from the Yún and control the lights accordingly.   1. The 3W RGB LED.  The first one is an Arduino Uno connected to a custom, constant-current RGB LED driver that can handle 3-10W LEDs (maybe even 20W). Here's a picture of it (yes, bad soldering job):     This has 3 PWM inputs which are connected to 3 pins on the Arduino. It gets 12V from any power supply whic ...
It's been a while since I last wrote here but I was busy developing my project!   I set up the Arduino Yún and it's fantastic. The Linux side is very handy, but I nearly ran out of memory on the Atmega chip (LCD driving libraries and fonts are resource-heavy!). While I'm still working on the different clients, I am nearly finished developing the web interface and the Arduino communication code.   The Web Interface  It’s coded in Python (CherryPy as backend) and Jav ...

My holiday IoT project!

Posted by ftruzzi Dec 9, 2014
Hello everybody!   I'm very happy to be one of the 20 lucky competitors in the IoT holiday challenge and I'm here to describe my project. I want to build different light controlling devices (which would be Arduinos) which can be controlled via both a web interface and another "controller box" (which guess what, will be another Arduino).   I heard you like sketches, so here's one of my project. Please excuse my terrible drawing skills and image quality.     Each "light s ...

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