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2 Posts authored by: Charles Gervasi
The logistical issues associated with the Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) introduction of iPads must not discourage us from making tablet computers part of education.  The inevitable mistakes are small compared to the potential benefits.    Some of the criticism of the introduction of tablets in Los Angeles focuses on students using them for unapproved activities.  The curriculum of approved activities is much more important than what students do when they're ...
Most people have at least seen headlines about the problems Los Angeles schools have been having with student iPad tablet computes.  The schools purchased these computers for the students to run applications and visit websites approved by the school.  In the very first day the students “hacked” them so they could talk to one another, share music, and go to unapproved websites.  The school district police chief suggested in a confidential memo that district delay issuin ...

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