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2 Posts authored by: iexpress
Hi All,   I tried to open a discussion but the website wouldn't publish it so I just created a quick blog about this project.   I was planning to make a quick IDE hard drive controller with an ATmega328p, and was wondering if anyone might know how the internal buffer addresses are incremented inside the hard drive during read/write operations?   Is there a set rate data has to be read from or written to the hard drive, or would the read/write pins be toggled to load the next se ...
Hi everyone,   I was thinking of creating an easier way for users to program their ATmega328p MCU's, so I purchased an Arduino Uno and made an ATmega328p Shield for it. While I keep seeing people popping their MCU's out of their boards, I wanted to try to provide a solution to where they wouldn't have to keep removing their MCU's from their Arduino kits in order to program a circuit.   I spent the night soldering getting things working on the prototype shield, and drafted up the sket ...

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