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For all the hobbyist, maker community, students and beyond - we're supplying free reference designs that you can work with, take from and build up to make

your own designs!    No need to start from scratch!

                uno.PNG      uno2.PNG

These PADS Arduino Uno & Arduino Uno SMD Rev3 reference design data sets have 19 files including:

    • Schematic design in xDX Designer format (.prj)
    • Layout design in PADS 9.5 format (.pcb)
    • Bill of Materials for the design ( Bill of Materials.html)
    • PDF of the schematic design ( (Schematic).pdf)
    • PDF of the layout design ( (Layout).pdf)
    • Property definitions file (netlist.prp)
    • PCB Configuration file (pads95.cfg)
    • Land Patterns
    • Schematic symbols


Be sure to check out all 24 Reference Designs found here: can be used with our new inexpensive (PADS based) Designer Schematic and Designer Layout tools now available for the hobbyist/maker community from Digikey ! as well as our desktop PADS products.

Cheers !     John

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