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Hello mates.


Here I come again...I really continue figuring out how to reach a very mall and continous speed of rotation, with a very high precission.

What I want to make is a mount to put on a camera and shoot photos of the night skies. My original idea was in the line of control the movement of my telescope, but I think this is unreacheable in my monetary conditions.


So I am here with this paint schema



The mechanism has aproximatelly 30 cm width and 30 cm height.

The structure will be made with plates of alluminium of 1,5 mm wide

You can think the camera is a small reflex camera (like Nikon D3200)


I had thought that I could reach this with an Arduino UNO board and a pair of sttepers. But when I have started to play with the Arduino board that I bought, some thoughts have come to me. I dont know how to choice the better options.

  1. Will I be able to make this mecha move with a pair of small sttepers 28BYJ-48 with ULN2003 driver?? I have not got the structure pieces yet, so I have not been able to probe this yet.
  2. What do you think will be the better way to control the movement of motors? Bluetooth, IR, RF?
  3. If I would wish to know the angle where the camera to be pointing, ¿what would be the better way? Would I need any optical sensor? or it would be enough with some variables in the code with which I control the sttepers to know this data?
  4. Whatever the choice of motor type, I need to know how to provide movement in the vertical axis. I mean: it would be better a small gear in motor axis and a big gear in the basis? or a wheel in the axis of the motor and a simple circle as basis?


Thank you in advance.

And please, escuse me if I explained it bad

Hi mates


I was looking for something to read about sensors and found this site Meccanismo Complesso


I have liked very much this tutorial Arduino: measuring the Earth’s magnetic field with the magnetometer HMC5883L | Meccanismo Complesso


I hope this be interesting for someone

Though this combination seems weird Christopher Connell has wrote this fantastic tutorial to make it possible:




I love it.

Hello mates


I was researching about stepper motors and I have found this video by Bret Stateham



I think it is very usefull

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