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7 Posts authored by: markvenn
And the winner was... Craig Terris. Here is is receiving his Arduino starter kit from Zac Colley, very kindly supplied by Element14! We drew the name from a hat, an actual hat; a room full of computer nerds and we fell back on good old tradition! Thanks odion   We had a brilliant day; we had a mum and her son who had the Ardunio for Christmas and had not got much further than blink, he had a go at a few of the projects in the starter kit book and had a good time. One of the strangest pr ...

Portsmouth Arduino Day

Posted by markvenn Mar 28, 2015
It's a great success so far with plenty of people turning up and with a nice mix of knowledge. We have some interesting projects on the go, will write these up soon. here's some pictures!     ...
Well, we are all set, waiting for the first people to arrive! ...

Arduino GSM Shield

Posted by markvenn Mar 27, 2015
I've been playing with the GSM shield and the sms functions. As some of you may remember a while ago I was having problems with my mega and the shield. paulellison helped me out considerably with identifying problems with the mega and the shield using different pins and also we found the power drain could be quite high during some functions. Anyway, I have been playing with some ideas, using incoming sms messages to trigger events and so far I have got the Uno I am using to receive a test and, d ...

Arduino Day 2015 - UK

Posted by markvenn Mar 17, 2015
Hi All As you all know it is International Arduino Day on the 28th of March, only 11 days away. I expect some of you are attending or running events. A few of us, including pizak , who are working on various levels or education are running an event at the University of Portsmouth, Hampshire on the south coast of the UK, (not the one in the US, New Hampshire I think. I don't know, people leave England and then use the same names for so many places.... ) Anyway, I asked element14 if they were ab ...

New Arduino Toys

Posted by markvenn Jan 21, 2015
I have some new toys to add to my arsenal of kit! Along with a Pi camera I received two nice little additions to my box of bits. I now have a Ethernet shield and a Yun. Not sure how to pronounce Yun; should it be similar to gun? Or maybe similar to spoon. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?   Anyway, here are my new babies! I was surprised to find the comment that the ethernet shield is no longer manufactured on the packing list. Grab them while you can guys! The ethernet shield has stora ...
I have been working with my Arduino Mega ADK and a nice little TO92 temp sensor, the TSIC 301. (Datasheet here) I have been playing with a very basic sketch, all it is doing at the moment is looping around "read value and display on serial" const int IN_PIN = 0; // analogue input pin const int DELAY = 1000; // a constant value for the delay. int value = 0; // declare and initialise the variable for the value void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600); // setup serial connection } void loop() { ...

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