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next weekend I'll hold a Workshop about Arduino and Internet of Things. We will concentrate about IoT, natural interaction and, of course, holiday lights!

we usually use codesign to find ideas and create cool projects. I'm thinking about some elements to inspire my students:

- social networks and mood : lights are a great way to communicate moods and feelings. For example you can turn the mood of your friends into a colorful light that will shine into your home. Or your xmas tree could light up every wish you receive!;

- hashtag machines: control something (lights but also actuators) with Twitter (maybe you or your friends could light up a light on your tree? why not?);

- give to things a personality: what if your Christmas tree could update its mood on Twitter/Facebook? Maybe your tree will be happier if there are people around it or if it's surrounded by many presents;

- recycle: we can make a lot of things recycling stuff, especially during holidays. We can create decorations or gifts.It's fun and we help the environment!albero1.jpgalbero2.jpg


Do you have any suggestion?

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